A gage is an instrument for measuring, like the gas gage in your car that tells you it's time to fill 'er up. It's also spelled "gauge."

As a verb, to gage is to place a bet. As a noun, it's something thrown down, like a glove you chuck at someone and challenge them to a duel. As a way of measuring, a gage can refer to the thickness of a needle or a shotgun. You don't need an instrument, though, you might gage how much time you have left outside by looking at the sun. Sticklers use gauge for measuring and gage for duels and bets.

Primary Meanings of gage

place a bet on
a measuring instrument for measuring and indicating a quantity such as the thickness of wire or the amount of rain etc.
street names for marijuana
Full Definitions of gage

v place a bet on

back, bet on, game, punt, stake
place one's stake
double up, parlay
stake winnings from one bet on a subsequent wager
Type of:
bet, play, wager
stake on the outcome of an issue

n a measuring instrument for measuring and indicating a quantity such as the thickness of wire or the amount of rain etc.

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anemometer, wind gage, wind gauge
a gauge for recording the speed and direction of wind
depth gage, depth gauge
a gauge for measuring the depth of grooves or holes or other concavities
a graduated rod dipped into a container to indicate the fluid level
gas gage, gas gauge, gasoline gage, gasoline gauge, petrol gage, petrol gauge
gauge that indicates the amount of gasoline left in the gasoline tank of a vehicle
pressure gage, pressure gauge
gauge for measuring and indicating fluid pressure
pluviometer, rain gage, rain gauge, udometer
gauge consisting of an instrument to measure the quantity of precipitation
strain gage, strain gauge
a gauge for measuring strain in a surface
scribing block, surface gage, surface gauge
gauge consisting of a scriber mounted on an adjustable stand; used to test the accuracy of plane surfaces
vacuum gage, vacuum gauge
a gauge for indicating negative atmospheric pressure
water gage, water gauge, water glass
gauge for indicating the level of water in e.g. a tank or boiler or reservoir
wire gage, wire gauge
gauge for measuring the diameter of wire
a pressure gauge for comparing pressures of a gas
a pressure gauge for measuring blood pressure
water level
a water gauge that shows the level by showing the surface of the water in a trough or U-shaped tube
Type of:
measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system
instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something

n street names for marijuana

Type of:
cannabis, ganja, marihuana, marijuana
the most commonly used illicit drug; considered a soft drug, it consists of the dried leaves of the hemp plant; smoked or chewed for euphoric effect

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