If you do something full-time, you spend most of your available time doing it. Working full-time usually means spending around forty hours a week doing your work.

You can be employed at a full-time job, or you can be a full-time student. Some people are full-time parents, and you might hope to be a full-time artist or a full-time musician one day. In all of these examples, people use the majority of their waking hours (at least during the work week) focusing on one thing. This term dates from the late 1800s.

Definitions of full-time

adv for the standard number of hours

“she works full-time
half-time, part-time
for less than the standard number of hours

adj for the entire time appropriate to an activity

“a full-time job”
officially full-time
part-time, parttime
involving less than the standard or customary time for an activity
involving half the standard or customary time for an activity
irregular, temporary
lacking continuity or regularity
not regular or skilled
employed only part-time when one needs full-time employment or not making full use of your skills
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