front matter

/ˌfrənt ˈmædər/

Other forms: front matters

Everything in a book that comes before the story begins is its front matter. The title page and introduction are both part of a book's front matter.

If you get caught up reading the table of contents in your history textbook, you can say you're immersed in the front matter. Other parts of a book's front matter include the preface, copyright and publisher information, any dedication the author might have written, and acknowledgements, in which a writer thanks specific people for their help and support. The front matter's pages are usually unnumbered, with page one being the first of the book's actual narrative or story.

Definitions of front matter
  1. noun
    written matter preceding the main text of a book
    synonyms: prelims
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    type of:
    written works (especially in books or magazines)
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