1. Freudian slip a slip-up that (according to Sigmund Freud) results from the operation of unconscious wishes or conflicts and can reveal unconscious processes in normal healthy individuals
  2. Virginia cowslip smooth erect herb of eastern North America having entire leaves and showy blue flowers that are pink in bud
  3. fraud in law fraud that is presumed from the circumstances although the one who commits it need not have had any evil intent
  4. Freudian psychology the psychological theories of Sigmund Freud
  5. Freudian of or relating to the founder of psychoanalysis
  6. guardianship the responsibility of a guardian or keeper
  7. frothiness the property of giving off bubbles
  8. wardenship the position of warden
  9. fortunately by good fortune
  10. farthingale a hoop worn beneath a skirt to extend it horizontally
  11. prednisolone a glucocorticoid used to treat inflammatory conditions
  12. find oneself accept and make use of one's personality, abilities, and situation
  13. fortune teller a person who foretells your personal future
  14. wordiness boring verbosity
  15. verdancy the lush appearance of flourishing vegetation
  16. downslope a downward slope or bend
  17. Ceratonia siliqua evergreen Mediterranean tree with edible pods
  18. radiantly in a radiant manner
  19. Ferdinand III Holy Roman Emperor and king of Hungary and Bohemia who signed the Peace of Westphalia ending the Thirty Years' War (1608-1657)
  20. fortnightly occurring every two weeks