free phagocyte

Definitions of free phagocyte
  1. noun
    a phagocyte that circulates in the blood
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    WBC, leucocyte, leukocyte, white blood cell, white blood corpuscle, white cell, white corpuscle
    blood cells that engulf and digest bacteria and fungi; an important part of the body's defense system
    an immature leukocyte normally found in bone marrow
    a precursor of leukocytes that normally occurs only in bone marrow
    lymph cell, lymphocyte
    an agranulocytic leukocyte that normally makes up a quarter of the white blood cell count but increases in the presence of infection
    a leukocyte that has granules in its cytoplasm
    a type of granular leukocyte that functions in the ingestion of bacteria
    basophil, basophile
    a leukocyte with basophilic granules easily stained by basic stains
    neutrophil, neutrophile
    the chief phagocytic leukocyte; stains with either basic or acid dyes
    eosinophil, eosinophile
    a leukocyte readily stained with eosin
    type of:
    phagocyte, scavenger cell
    a cell that engulfs and digests debris and invading microorganisms
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