Forth means "from now on." If you declare that from today forth, you'll pursue your dream of becoming a rodeo clown, it means you'll work every day to make it happen.

The adverb forth describes pushing forward, either literally or in time. When something goes forth, it moves into view or forward. In spring, flowers shoot forth from the ground. You have probably heard the expression and so forth, which like and so on means whatever else. Don't confuse forth with fourth, which sounds the same but means "number four in a series."

Definitions of forth
  1. adverb
    forward in time or order or degree
    “from that time forth
    synonyms: forward, onward
  2. adverb
    from a particular thing or place or position (`forth' is obsolete)
    “go forth and preach”
    synonyms: away, off
  3. adverb
    out into view
    “came forth from the crowd”
    “put my ideas forth
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