forcing out

Definitions of forcing out

n the act of expelling or projecting or ejecting

ejection, expulsion, projection
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belch, belching, burp, burping, eructation
a reflex that expels gas noisily from the stomach through the mouth
the forceful expulsion of something from inside
coughing up
the act of expelling (food or phlegm) by coughing
expectoration, spit, spitting
the act of spitting (forcefully expelling saliva)
disgorgement, emesis, regurgitation, vomit, vomiting
the reflex act of ejecting the contents of the stomach through the mouth
regurgitation of small amounts of food; seen in some infants after feeding
haematemesis, hematemesis
vomiting blood
severe and excessive vomiting
Type of:
actuation, propulsion
the act of propelling

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