Folderol is nonsense or trivial foolishness. A politician might claim that her rival's proposals are nothing but folderol.

There are a lot of words that mean nonsense, from malarkey to codswallop to twaddle, and folderol is another one. It comes from the meaningless song refrain fol-de-rol, a variation on "tra la la," and first appeared in the 18th century. Later, it came to have the additional meaning "cheap, showy trifle or gewgaw." Some people decide to elope when they get married, instead of having an elaborate wedding full of folderol.

Definitions of folderol
  1. noun
    nonsensical talk or writing
    synonyms: applesauce, codswallop, rubbish, trash, tripe, trumpery, wish-wash
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    type of:
    drivel, garbage
    a worthless message
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