flowering cherry

Definitions of flowering cherry
  1. noun
    any of several shrubs or trees of the genus Prunus cultivated for their showy white or pink single or double blossoms
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    Prunus incisa, fuji, fuji cherry
    shrubby Japanese cherry tree having pale pink blossoms
    Japanese cherry, Japanese flowering cherry, Prunus serrulata, oriental cherry
    ornamental tree with inedible fruits widely cultivated in many varieties for its white blossoms
    Japanese flowering cherry, Prunus sieboldii
    ornamental tree with inedible fruit widely cultivated in many varieties for its pink blossoms
    Prunus subhirtella, rosebud cherry, winter flowering cherry
    shrub or tree native to Japan cultivated as an ornamental for its rose-pink flowers
    type of:
    cherry, cherry tree
    any of numerous trees and shrubs producing a small fleshy round fruit with a single hard stone; many also produce a valuable hardwood
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