1. Fleet Street a street in central London where newspaper offices are situated
  2. Wall Street a street in lower Manhattan where the New York Stock Exchange is located; symbol of American finance
  3. flustered thrown into a state of agitated confusion
  4. violet-streaked having streaks of violet color
  5. flight strip an airfield without normal airport facilities
  6. side street a street intersecting a main street and terminating there
  7. field strength the vector sum of all the forces exerted by an electrical or magnetic field (on a unit mass or unit charge or unit magnetic pole) at a given point in the field
  8. the Street used to allude to the securities industry of the United States
  9. violent stream a violently fast stream of water (or other liquid)
  10. multistoried having more than one story
  11. field sport a sport that is played outdoors
  12. Viola striata leafy-stemmed violet of eastern North America having large white or creamy flowers faintly marked with purple
  13. Bradstreet poet in colonial America (born in England) (1612-1672)
  14. lotus tree shrubby deciduous tree of the Mediterranean region
  15. Viola rostrata violet of eastern North America having lilac-purple flowers with a long slender spur
  16. field mustard weedy Eurasian plant often a pest in grain fields
  17. foetal distress an abnormal condition of a fetus
  18. blood stream the blood flowing through the circulatory system
  19. clothes tree an upright pole with pegs or hooks on which to hang clothing
  20. freeze-dried preserved by freezing and drying in a vacuum

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