1. flaxseed the seed of flax used as a source of oil
  2. flax rust fungus causing flax rust
  3. flaxseed oil a drying oil extracted from flax seed and used in making such things as oil paints
  4. flag smut smut affecting leaves and stems of cereals and other grasses
  5. blackseed grass native to West Indies but common in southern United States having tufted wiry stems often infested with a dark fungus
  6. flux unit a measure of the strength of a magnetic field per unit area
  7. folic acid a B vitamin that is essential for cell growth and reproduction
  8. axseed European herb resembling vetch
  9. flexible able to bend easily
  10. flexuous having turns or windings
  11. flaxen pale yellowish to yellowish brown
  12. flag stop a small railway station between the principal stations or a station where the train stops only on a signal
  13. Falco subbuteo small Old World falcon formerly trained and flown at small birds
  14. fluxmeter meter that measures magnetic flux by the current it generates in a coil
  15. flux density (physics) the number of changes in energy flow across a given surface per unit area
  16. flagrant conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible
  17. relaxed without strain or anxiety
  18. flageolet a French bean variety with light-colored seeds
  19. filing system a system of classifying into files
  20. flakiness having or breaking into thin crisp flakes