Use the word flair to refer to someone’s knack or natural talent for something. Someone might have a flair for throwing fantastic parties, or a flair for solving complex math problems.

Something or someone with flair is flashy, catchy and full of energy. But oddly enough, flair meant "odor" when it originated in the mid 14th century. It wasn’t until 1925 that the word came to mean a distinctive talent, elegant style or dashing ability. So maybe think of someone absolutely reeking of style and panache — but in a good way.

Definitions of flair
  1. noun
    a natural talent
    “he has a flair for mathematics”
    synonyms: genius
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    type of:
    endowment, gift, natural endowment, talent
    natural abilities or qualities
  2. noun
    distinctive and stylish elegance
    synonyms: dash, elan, panache, style
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    type of:
    a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste
  3. noun
    a shape that spreads outward
    synonyms: flare
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    type of:
    form, shape
    the spatial arrangement of something as distinct from its substance
Commonly confused words

flair / flare

Flair is a talent for something, like what the pro-wrestler Nature Boy Ric Flair had back in the day. Flare is on a candle or the shape of bell-bottoms that kids rocked back in the heyday of wrastlin’.

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