financial aid

Definitions of financial aid
  1. noun
    money to support a worthy person or cause
    synonyms: aid, economic aid
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    public assistance, social welfare, welfare
    governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need
    philanthropic gift, philanthropy
    voluntary promotion of human welfare
    financial aid provided to a student on the basis of academic merit
    money granted (by a university or foundation or other agency) for advanced study or research
    foreign aid
    aid (such as economic or military assistance) provided to one nation by another
    any monetary aid
    a grant to a person or school for some educational project
    financial aid that enables you to get trained for a specified job
    a grant of money to rescue a person, company, or institution from financial distress
    social insurance
    government provision for unemployed, injured, or aged people; financed by contributions from employers and employees as well as by government revenue
    aid for the aged or indigent or handicapped
    dole, pogey, pogy
    money received from the state
    a grant paid by a government to an enterprise that benefits the public
    a grant to a person or school for some educational project
    post doc, postdoc, postdoctoral
    a grant that funds postdoctoral study or research
    type of:
    something acquired without compensation
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