You can filch money, time, and stuff, but I wouldn't recommend it. Filching is stealing, as in "You filched my cookies!"

Doesn't filch just sound kind of dirty? That could be because it's one letter away from filth, but it's also true that stealing is usually considered a dirty, lowdown deed. No one wants their things to be filched. Filching is similar to pilfering, swiping, lifting, and purloining — other words for taking what isn't yours. We've all probably filched at some point, but thieves make a profession out of filching.

Definitions of filch
  1. verb
    make off with belongings of others
    synonyms: abstract, cabbage, hook, lift, nobble, pilfer, pinch, purloin, snarf, sneak, swipe
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    type of:
    take without the owner's consent
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