A fête is a party, often one thrown in someone's honor. You'll find fête used as both a verb and a noun. If you want to fête someone, throw them a fête.

Fête is a word taken directly from French. In fact, sometimes in English you'll see a circumflex accent over the first "e" in fête. This makes it especially easy to remember, because this accent looks almost like a party hat.

Definitions of fete
  1. noun
    an elaborate party (often outdoors)
    synonyms: feast, fiesta
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    an elaborate Hawaiian feast or party (especially one accompanied by traditional foods and entertainment)
    a ceremonial feast held by some Indians of the northwestern coast of North America (as in celebrating a marriage or a new accession) in which the host gives gifts to tribesmen and others to display his superior wealth (sometimes, formerly, to his own impoverishment)
    type of:
    an occasion on which people can assemble for social interaction and entertainment
  2. noun
    an organized series of acts and performances (usually in one place)
    synonyms: festival
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    a festival marked by merrymaking and processions
    Bacchanalia, Dionysia
    an orgiastic festival in ancient Greece in honor of Dionysus (= Bacchus)
    any of several annual Welsh festivals involving artistic competitions (especially in singing)
    film festival
    a cinematic festival that features films (usually films produced during the past year)
    jazz festival
    a festival that features performances by jazz artists
    Kwanza, Kwanzaa
    a festival featuring African-American culture; celebrated between Christmas and New Year
    an autumn festival that involves merrymaking and drinking beer
    an orgiastic festival in ancient Rome in honor of Saturn
    a festival held at the time sheep are normally sheared
    Royal National Eisteddfod
    an eisteddfod with competitions in music and drama and poetry and the fine arts
    Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras
    a carnival held in some countries on Shrove Tuesday (the last day before Lent) but especially in New Orleans
    type of:
    celebration, festivity
    any joyous diversion
  3. verb
    have a celebration
    “They were feting the patriarch of the family”
    synonyms: celebrate
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    celebrate a jubilee
    jollify, make happy, make merry, make whoopie, racket, revel, wassail, whoop it up
    celebrate noisily, often indulging in drinking; engage in uproarious festivities
    have or participate in a party
    have or give a reception
    participate in an all-night techno dance party
    carouse, riot, roister
    engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking
    type of:
    get together, meet
    get together socially or for a specific purpose
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