Use fervent to describe a person or thing that shows very strong feelings or enthusiasm. If you have a fervent desire to become an actress, you'll stop at nothing to realize your dream.

The adjective fervent and the noun fervor are often associated with the feelings aroused by patriotism, religion, or a belief that you support or oppose. A near synonym for the adjective is ardent. Fervent is from Middle English, from Old French, from the Latin verb fervēre "to boil, glow."

Definitions of fervent
  1. adjective
    characterized by intense emotion
    “a fervent desire to change society”
    “a fervent admirer”
    synonyms: ardent, fervid, fiery, impassioned, perfervid, torrid
    having or expressing strong emotions
  2. adjective
    extremely hot
    “"the fervent heat...merely communicated a genial warmth to their half-torpid systems"- Nathaniel Hawthorne”
    synonyms: fervid, searing
    used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning
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