1. favoritism an inclination to privilege some person or group
  2. favouritism an inclination to favor some person or group
  3. favorite preferred above all others and treated with partiality
  4. favorite son a United States politician favored mainly in his or her home state
  5. fortitude strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity
  6. favourite something regarded with special favor or liking
  7. fortuitous lucky; occurring by happy chance
  8. first team a team representing a college or university
  9. farm team a minor-league team that is owned by a major-league team
  10. favored preferred above all others and treated with partiality
  11. levorotatory rotating to the left
  12. fibroid tumor benign tumor containing fibrous tissue
  13. overheated heated beyond a safe or desirable point
  14. Robert Adam Scottish architect who designed many public buildings in England and Scotland (1728-1792)
  15. fruit tree tree bearing edible fruit
  16. fever tree any of several trees having leaves or bark used to allay fever or thought to indicate regions free of fever
  17. poverty trap a situation in which an increase in income results in a loss of benefits so that you are no better off
  18. over-the-top far more than usual or expected
  19. diverted pleasantly occupied
  20. for the first time the initial time