Definitions of fatness

n excess bodily weight

“she disliked fatness in herself as well as in others”
avoirdupois, blubber, fat
leanness, spareness, thinness
the property of having little body fat
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adiposeness, adiposity, fattiness
having the property of containing fat
abdominousness, paunchiness
the bodily property of a protruding belly
greasiness, oiliness, oleaginousness
consisting of or covered with oil
corpulency, fleshiness, obesity
more than average fatness
an extreme accumulation of fat on the buttocks
adiposis, corpulence, overweight, stoutness
the property of excessive fatness
exogenous obesity
obesity caused by overeating
embonpoint, plumpness, roundness
the bodily property of being well rounded
Type of:
bodily property
an attribute of the body

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