A farmhand is someone who's employed by a farmer to work on a farm. Farmhands might help harvest vegetables, feed animals, or drive a tractor.

If you get a summer job on a farm, you can call yourself a farmhand. While a farmer owns or manages a farm, a farmhand is hired to take on extra jobs, sometimes either part time, temporarily, or seasonally. The word hand gained the meaning "person who does something with his hands" in the 16th century, and often meant "hired workman" or "ship's crew member." Farmhand, therefore, means "hired worker on a farm."

Definitions of farmhand

n a hired hand on a farm

farm worker, field hand, fieldhand
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dairymaid, milkmaid
a woman who works in a dairy
a man who works in a dairy
a woman working on a farm
someone who picks up grain left in the field by the harvesters
harvester, reaper
someone who helps to gather the harvest
someone who gathers crops or fruits etc.
ploughman, plower, plowman
a man who plows
someone who waters plants or crops
a farmhand hired to remove weeds
a person who harvests grapes for making wine
Type of:
hand, hired hand, hired man
a hired laborer on a farm or ranch

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