1. free enterprise an economy relying on market forces to allocate resources
  2. family Cuterebridae New World botflies
  3. family Winteraceae small family of chiefly tropical shrubs and trees of genera Drimys and Pseudowintera; sometimes included in Magnoliaceae
  4. free-enterprise subscribing to capitalistic competition
  5. family Enterobacteriaceae a large family of Gram-negative rod-shaped bacteria of the order Eubacteriales
  6. family Tuberaceae family of fungi whose ascocarps resemble tubers and vary in size from that of an acorn to that of a large apple
  7. enterprise a purposeful or industrious undertaking
  8. family Droseraceae a family of carnivorous herbs and shrubs
  9. commercial enterprise the activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects
  10. family Monotropaceae used in some classification for saprophytic herbs sometimes included in the family Pyrolaceae: genera Monotropa and Sarcodes
  11. family Centropomidae a family of fish or the order Perciformes including robalos
  12. family Trapaceae family comprising solely the genus Trapa
  13. family Asteraceae plants with heads composed of many florets: aster
  14. family Antilocapridae comprising only the pronghorns
  15. family Antennariidae frogfishes
  16. family Nidulariaceae bird's-nest fungi
  17. family Nitrobacteriaceae usually rod-shaped bacteria that oxidize ammonia or nitrites: nitrobacteria
  18. family Ephedraceae ephedras: in some classifications included in the Gnetaceae
  19. family Pontederiaceae aquatic or bog plants
  20. family Andrenidae a large family of solitary short-tongued bees most of which burrow in the ground