Something that is fallow is left unused. If you’re smart but lazy, someone might say you have a fallow mind.

We use the word to talk about any unused resource, it started as a work about land. Fallow comes from the old English word for plowing, and refers to the practice of leaving fields unplowed in rotation — when a field lies fallow, the soil regains nutrients that are sucked up by over-planting.

Definitions of fallow
  1. adjective
    left unplowed and unseeded during a growing season
    fallow farmland”
    unbroken, unploughed, unplowed
    (of farmland) not plowed
  2. adjective
    undeveloped but potentially useful
    “a fallow gold market”
    undeveloped, unexploited
    undeveloped or unused
  3. noun
    cultivated land that is not seeded for one or more growing seasons
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    type of:
    cultivated land, farmland, ploughland, plowland, tillage, tilled land, tilth
    arable land that is worked by plowing and sowing and raising crops
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