1. data-based relying on observation or experiment
  2. white basswood American basswood of the Allegheny region
  3. waste basket a container with an open top
  4. debased mixed with impurities
  5. fishpaste a paste of fish or shellfish
  6. at best under the best of conditions
  7. have the best overcome, usually through no fault or weakness of the person that is overcome
  8. toothpaste a dentifrice in the form of a paste
  9. south by west the compass point that is one point west of due south
  10. south by east the compass point that is one point east of due south
  11. database an organized body of related information
  12. side by side nearest in space or position
  13. flip side a different aspect of something
  14. had best act in one's own or everybody's best interest
  15. biased favoring one person or side over another
  16. bowtie pasta pasta shaped with scalloped edges and pinched in the middle, suggestive of a bow tie
  17. faithless having the character of a traitor; disloyal
  18. faithlessly in a disloyal and faithless manner
  19. wasp waist a very slender waist
  20. fifth part one part in five equal parts