Faded things have lost the bright color they once had. Your faded jeans, once dark blue but now pale and worn, might be your favorite thing to wear.

Clothes become faded after being worn and washed again and again, and in many places the landscape itself seems faded in the wintertime, all dull grays and pale browns. Strength, energy, or vitality can also become faded, like a boxer toward the end of a long match. The Old French root of faded is fader, "become weak," from fade, "weak, pale, or insipid."

Primary Meanings of faded

having lost freshness or brilliance of color
reduced in strength
Full Definitions of faded

adj having lost freshness or brilliance of color

faded jeans”
bleached, washed-out, washy
colorless, colourless
weak in color; not colorful

adj reduced in strength

“the faded tones of an old recording”
attenuate, attenuated, weakened
decreased, reduced
made less in size or amount or degree

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