Extremely is a word that emphasizes the intensity of whatever it is you're talking about. If you say you're extremely angry, that word alone tells me I better not mess with you.

Extremely comes from the word extreme, which means great, severe, or exceptional. If you climb to extreme heights on a mountain, you've climbed extremely high. Use extremely to let people know that what you're talking about exceeds or goes beyond the norm. A joke that's not just funny, but extremely funny, is one that might have you gasping to catch your breath from laughing so hard.

Definitions of extremely
  1. adverb
    to an extreme degree
    extremely cold”
    extremely unpleasant”
    synonyms: exceedingly, passing, super
  2. adverb
    to a high degree or extent; favorably or with much respect
    extremely interesting”
    synonyms: highly
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