Something extreme is far out, either in terms of distance or intensity. Extreme sports are wild or dangerous, and an extreme height is very high.

When you talk about extreme things, you're talking about things that are very, very...something. An extreme point is the farthest distance from a place. Extreme eating is a type of contest — like hot dog-eating — in which people eat a freakish amount of food to compete with each other. An extreme biker is biking down dangerously steep mountain sides. Anything extreme is pushing the limits and taking things about as far as they can go.

Definitions of extreme
  1. adjective
    of the greatest possible degree or extent or intensity
    extreme cold”
    extreme caution”
    extreme pleasure”
    synonyms: utmost, uttermost
    possessing or displaying a distinctive feature to a heightened degree
  2. adjective
    far beyond a norm in quantity or amount or degree; to an utmost degree
    “an extreme example”
    extreme temperatures”
    extreme danger”
    beyond reasonable limits
  3. adjective
    beyond a norm in views or actions
    “an extreme conservative”
    “an extreme liberal”
    extreme views on integration”
    extreme opinions”
    beyond reasonable limits
  4. noun
    the furthest or highest degree of something
    “he carried it to extremes
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    type of:
    degree, grade, level
    a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality
  5. adjective
    most distant in any direction
    “the extreme edge of town”
    separated in space or coming from or going to a distance
  6. noun
    the point located farthest from the middle of something
    synonyms: extreme point, extremum
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    acme, apex, peak, vertex, zenith
    the highest point (of something)
    the part of a hat (the vertex) that covers the crown of the head
    roof peak
    the highest point of a roof
    type of:
    the outermost or farthest region or point
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