Something exhilarating is so exciting it makes you a little giddy. "Snowboarding that black-diamond trail was exhilarating!"

Zipping through the snow is certainly exhilarating, but ski bunnies and snowboarders might not choose this fancy adjective first. They might just yell, "Woohoo!" It's always been a fun-loving word; its Latin roots mean "gladden, cheer." A ride on a glass elevator with a cute vampire could be exhilarating, and so could a surprise party, or a ride on an old roller coaster. It can be so refreshing, you can't exhale after something exhilarating happens.

Definitions of exhilarating
  1. adjective
    making lively and joyful
    synonyms: elating
    creating or arousing excitement
  2. adjective
    making lively and cheerful
    “the exhilarating effect of mountain air”
    synonyms: stimulating
    imparting strength and vitality
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