Something that's exhausting tires or fatigues you. An exhausting hike up the side of a mountain leaves you gasping for breath and so tired you need to sit down and rest.

Some things, like a rigorous workout or a difficult type of manual labor, are physically exhausting. Others are mentally exhausting, like a long argument with a friend or a tricky calculus exam. The adjective exhausting is rooted in the Latin exhaurire, "draw off, take away, use up, or empty," which perfectly describes how you feel after an exhausting experience.

Definitions of exhausting
  1. adjective
    having a debilitating effect
    “an exhausting job in the hot sun”
    synonyms: draining
    impairing the strength and vitality
  2. adjective
    producing exhaustion
    “an exhausting march”
    synonyms: tiring, wearing, wearying
    requiring great physical effort
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