The preposition except means "excluding." When we refer to the continental United States, we mean the whole country except Alaska and Hawaii.

This word can also be used as a conjunction meaning "but": If you're not very hungry, you might not eat anything, except a few crackers. As a verb, except is often used in the past tense: All drivers must obey the speed limit, but ambulances rushing to the hospital are excepted. Much more rare is the use of except as a verb meaning "to object," which we find mostly in legal contexts.

Definitions of except
  1. verb
    prevent from being included or considered or accepted
    synonyms: exclude, leave off, leave out, omit, take out
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    consider as part of something
    leave or strike out
    omit (a letter or syllable) in speaking or writing
    type of:
    do away with, eliminate, extinguish, get rid of
    terminate, end, or take out
  2. verb
    take exception to
    synonyms: demur
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    type of:
    express or raise an objection or protest or criticism or express dissent
Commonly confused words

accept / except

To accept is to receive, and except is to exclude, usually. Both are busy little words skipping around to different meanings, but they never run into each other.

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