1. excellent very good; of the highest quality
  2. excellence possessing good qualities in high degree
  3. excellently extremely well
  4. Excellency a title used to address dignitaries
  5. excellency an outstanding feature
  6. exodontics the branch of dentistry dealing with extraction of teeth
  7. exultation the utterance of sounds expressing great joy
  8. exaltation the elevation of a person, as to the status of a god
  9. oxalacetic acid an acid formed by oxidation of maleic acid
  10. Iceland moss lichen with branched flattened partly erect thallus that grows in mountainous and Arctic regions; used as a medicine or food for humans and livestock; a source of glycerol
  11. solant goose very large white gannet with black wing tips
  12. Icelandic a Scandinavian language that is the official language of Iceland
  13. epsilon toxin a bacterial toxin produced by clostridium perfringens
  14. gasoline tax a tax on every gallon of gasoline sold
  15. accentuation the use or application of an accent
  16. resilient recovering readily from adversity, depression, or the like
  17. oxaloacetic acid an acid formed by oxidation of maleic acid
  18. exulting joyful and proud especially because of triumph or success
  19. insolent marked by casual disrespect
  20. exalting tending to exalt