To evangelize is to share religious beliefs, especially Christian ones, with other people. Preachers and ministers evangelize from the pulpit in their churches every Sunday.

Certain Christians believe that it's important to evangelize to others — to preach the gospel and convey what they believe. In some cases, Christian missionaries travel to foreign countries to evangelize. The ultimate goal for those who evangelize tends to be converting non-Christians to Christianity. The word evangelize comes from the Church Latin evangelizare, "to spread or preach the Gospel," with the Greek root euangelizesthai, or "bring good news."

Definitions of evangelize
  1. verb
    preach the gospel (to)
    synonyms: evangelise
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    type of:
    preach, prophesy
    deliver a sermon
  2. verb
    convert to Christianity
    “The missionaries evangelized the Pacific Islanders”
    synonyms: evangelise
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    type of:
    cause to adopt a new or different faith
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