Use the adverb equally to mean "the same way" or "in similar shares." Something that's divided equally is split evenly or fairly between people.

Your mom might say that she loves you and your brother equally — in other words, her affection is fairly distributed between the two of you. If you are equally disturbed by total silence and loud noises, it means that both bother you, to the exact same degree. Equally comes from the adjective equal, with its Latin root word, aequalis, "level, even, or just."

Definitions of equally

adv in equal amounts or shares; in a balanced or impartial way

“they split their winnings equally
“deal equally with rich and poor”
unequally, unevenly
in an unequal or partial manner

adv to the same degree (often followed by `as')

“they were equally beautiful”
as, every bit

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