Definitions of enchiridion

n a concise reference book providing specific information about a subject or location

handbook, vade mecum
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a small handbook
a book regarded as authoritative in its field
guide, guidebook
something that offers basic information or instruction
ready reckoner, reckoner
a handbook of tables used to facilitate computation
consuetudinal, consuetudinary
a manual describing the customs of a particular group (especially the ceremonial practices of a monastic order)
a manual of black magic (for invoking spirits and demons)
book of instructions, instruction manual, instructions, operating instructions
a manual usually accompanying a technical device and explaining how to install or operate it
reference manual
a manual containing information organized in a summary manner
sex manual
a manual containing instruction in sexual techniques; intended to enhance the reader's sexual life
field guide
a guidebook describing natural objects of some type that might be encountered in the field
a guidebook describing the roads of a country; contains maps and (sometimes) a gazetteer
itinerary, travel guidebook
a guidebook for travelers
Type of:
book of facts, reference, reference book, reference work
a book to which you can refer for authoritative facts

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