Definitions of empiric
  1. adjective
    derived from experiment and observation rather than theory
    synonyms: empirical
    a posteriori
    requiring evidence for validation or support
    confirmable, falsifiable, verifiable
    capable of being tested (verified or falsified) by experiment or observation
    existential, experiential
    derived from experience or the experience of existence
    data-based, experimental, observational
    relying on observation or experiment
    of the nature of or undergoing an experiment
    relying to some extent on observation or experiment
    trying out various means or theories until error is satisfactorily reduced or eliminated
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    theoretic, theoretical
    concerned primarily with theories or hypotheses rather than practical considerations
    of an abstracting nature or having the power of abstracting
    a priori
    based on hypothesis or theory rather than experiment
    conjectural, divinatory, hypothetic, hypothetical, supposed, suppositional, suppositious, supposititious
    based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence
    notional, speculative
    not based on fact or investigation
    highly abstract and overly theoretical
    based in theory rather than experiment
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  2. adjective
    relying on medical quackery
    empiric treatment”
    synonyms: empirical
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