The verb embed means to implant something or someone — like to embed a stone into a garden pathway or to embed a journalist in a military unit.

When you stick something firmly within a particular environment, you are embedding it. If you are an archeologist, you might spend a lot of your time looking for pottery shards embedded in the earth. If you are a web site designer, you might embed video clips on web pages. And if your newspaper is covering a war overseas, you might consider embedding a journalist in a military troop in order to have a source reporting back from the front lines.

Definitions of embed
  1. verb
    fix or set securely or deeply
    synonyms: engraft, imbed, implant, plant
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    plant in a pot
    fit together or fit inside
    bury, sink
    embed deeply
    put in a new, usually larger, pot
    countersink, set
    insert (a nail or screw below the surface, as into a countersink)
    type of:
    enter, infix, insert, introduce
    put or introduce into something
  2. verb
    attach to, as a journalist to a military unit when reporting on a war
    “The young reporter was embedded with the Third Division”
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    type of:
    aggroup, group
    form a group or group together
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