Miraculous, magical, and maybe a little mysterious, an elixir is a sweet substance or solution that cures the problem at hand.

Elixir is a word often used with a knowing wink — a sort of overstatement of a product's effectiveness, or a decision maker's policy. With linguistic roots in the long-ago alchemists' search for the philosophers' stone, the word has an element of fantasy to spice up anything, like a remedy for the common cold. The mythic fountain of youth is certainly an elixir, but it can also refer to a real liquid, concept, or plan.

Definitions of elixir
  1. noun
    a substance believed to cure all ills
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    elixir of life
    a hypothetical substance believed to maintain life indefinitely; once sought by alchemists
    type of:
    catholicon, cure-all, nostrum, panacea
    hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases; once sought by the alchemists
    a medicinal or magical or poisonous beverage
  2. noun
    a sweet flavored liquid (usually containing a small amount of alcohol) used in compounding medicines to be taken by mouth in order to mask an unpleasant taste
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    type of:
    fluid matter having no fixed shape but a fixed volume
  3. noun
    hypothetical substance that the alchemists believed to be capable of changing base metals into gold
    synonyms: philosopher's stone, philosophers' stone
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    type of:
    a particular kind or species of matter with uniform properties
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