1. Ulvaceae thin flat or tubular green algae
  2. Elephas type genus of the family Elephantidae
  3. elves an acronym for emissions of light and very low frequency perturbations due to electromagnetic pulse sources; extremely bright extremely short (less than a msec) electrical flashes forming a huge ring (up to 400 km diameter) in the ionosphere
  4. elevate raise from a lower to a higher position
  5. eleven the cardinal number that is the sum of ten and one
  6. elevation distance of something above a reference point
  7. elevated raised above the ground
  8. elevator lifting device consisting of a platform or cage that is raised and lowered mechanically in a vertical shaft in order to move people from one floor to another in a building
  9. Ulvales an order of protoctist
  10. Malvaceae herbs and shrubs and some trees: mallows; cotton; okra
  11. televise broadcast via a system that transmits images over distance
  12. paleface a derogatory term for a white person
  13. elegise compose an elegy
  14. elegize compose an elegy
  15. clevis a coupler shaped like the letter U with holes through each end so a bolt or pin can pass through the holes to complete the coupling; used to attach a drawbar to a plow or wagon or trailer etc.
  16. elvish usually good-naturedly mischievous
  17. relevance the relation of something to the matter at hand
  18. relevancy the relation of something to the matter at hand
  19. aleph-zero the smallest infinite integer
  20. Elaphe North American rat snakes

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