Use the word effluence when you talk about the action of something flowing or pouring out. The effluence of air from a popped balloon can sometimes send it flying around the room.

When you use the noun effluence, you are describing the quick spurt or flow of a substance. You might mention he effluence of bad breath from your dog or exclaim at the effluence of water from a draining kiddie pool. Both the process of the outflow and the substance itself — the water or air — can be called effluence. The Latin root is effluere, "to flow out," from ex, "out," and fluere, "to flow.

Definitions of effluence
  1. noun
    the process of flowing out
    synonyms: efflux, outflow
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    inflow, influx
    the process of flowing in
    type of:
    any uninterrupted stream or discharge
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