When things effervesce, they fizz and froth like a carbonated drink. Champagne is a well known sweet wine that effervesces.

Anything that bubbles in a foamy, frothy way can be said to effervesce. Soda poured over ice in a glass effervesces, and waves on a beach sometimes effervesce as they break, leaving tiny bubbles on the sand. Things that are bubbly or carbonated are effervescent — and both words come from a Latin root, effervescere, "to boil up or boil over," combining ex, "out," and fervescere, "begin to boil."

Definitions of effervesce

v become bubbly or frothy or foaming

fizz, foam, form bubbles, froth, sparkle
form a lather
foam as if boiling
Type of:
form, produce, or emit bubbles

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