Definitions of eelpout
  1. noun
    marine eellike mostly bottom-dwelling fishes of northern seas
    synonyms: pout
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    Zoarces viviparus, viviparous eelpout
    an eelpout of northern Europe that is viviparous
    Gymnelis viridis, fish doctor
    brightly colored scaleless Arctic eelpout
    Macrozoarces americanus, ocean pout
    common along northeastern coast of North America
    type of:
    blennioid, blennioid fish
    elongated mostly scaleless marine fishes with large pectoral fins and reduced pelvic fins
  2. noun
    elongate freshwater cod of northern Europe and Asia and North America having barbels around its mouth
    synonyms: Lota lota, burbot, cusk, ling
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    type of:
    cod, codfish
    major food fish of Arctic and cold-temperate waters
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