When you're profoundly upset and indignant about something, you're in high dudgeon. If a manager says something offensive to his employees, he risks having them all quit in high dudgeon.

Dudgeon is a noun that means "intense resentment," although these days it's usually preceded by "in high." So your little cousin who's stomping out of the room in fury because he didn't get candy before dinner? He's in high dudgeon. And your substitute teacher who's sputtering furiously after learning everyone gave her a fake name? She's also in high dudgeon. A dudgeon was once also a kind of wooden-handled knife, although the roots for each meaning are apparently unrelated.

Definitions of dudgeon
  1. noun
    a feeling of intense indignation (usually used in the phrase 'in high dudgeon')
    synonyms: high dudgeon
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    type of:
    indignation, outrage
    a feeling of righteous anger
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