1. deerskin leather from the hide of a deer
  2. doeskin soft leather from deerskin or lambskin
  3. dry socket inflammation in the socket of a tooth
  4. Ruskin British art critic (1819-1900)
  5. dry season one of the two seasons in tropical climates
  6. dressing a cloth covering for a wound or sore
  7. water skin a container of skin for holding water
  8. drop scone a scone made by dropping a spoonful of batter on a griddle
  9. drowsing half asleep
  10. bearskin the pelt of a bear (sometimes used as a rug)
  11. brisken become brisk
  12. thick skin skin that is very thick (as an elephant or rhinoceros)
  13. Dresden a city in southeastern Germany on the Elbe River
  14. waterskin a container of skin for holding water
  15. dry kiln a kiln for drying and seasoning lumber
  16. the skinny slang terms for inside information
  17. drosky an open horse-drawn carriage with four wheels
  18. triskelion a figure consisting of three stylized human arms or legs (or three bent lines) radiating from a center
  19. try square a square having a metal ruler set at right angles to another straight piece
  20. dollar sign a mark ($) written before a number to indicate that it stands for the number of dollars