Things that are downy are very soft and fluffy. Babies are sometimes born with little tufts of downy hair on their heads.

A teenage boy who wants to grow a beard will be frustrated by the downy hairs on his chin, and you could also describe the feeling of a peach as downy. When you rip your winter coat, the downy feathers inside might start floating out behind you in a trail wherever you go. These are also known as down, or the soft feathers that typically grow on a young bird — this is the origin, in fact, of downy.

Definitions of downy

adj like down or as soft as down

downlike, flossy, fluffy
yielding readily to pressure or weight

adj covered with fine soft hairs or down

downy milkweed seeds”
puberulent, pubescent, sericeous
haired, hairy, hirsute
having or covered with hair

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