If you're practical and unpretentious, your friends might describe you as down-to-earth. When a movie star is known for being unassuming and friendly, you can also call them down-to-earth.

This adjective has two slightly different meanings, the first of which is "realistic and sensible." You could say that someone who's down-to-earth has a lot of common sense. The second meaning is "modest or unpretentious," like a rock star who drives an old car and shows up at the local library and coffee shop — just like a regular person. Either way, being described as down-to-earth is always a compliment.

Definitions of down-to-earth
  1. adjective
    sensible and practical
    “has a straightforward down-to-earth approach to a problem”
    synonyms: earthy
    aware or expressing awareness of things as they really are
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