A douche is a type of hygiene product women use to clean their vaginas. Douche is also a common slang word for "jerk": the variation douchebag is extremely popular.

There’s no clear way to define what a douche is, though anyone acting arrogant, jerky, or nasty might be described as one. Since this is a slang word that some find disgusting and particularly offensive to women, be careful when using it. The d-word isn’t as bad as the f-word, but your mother or your teacher probably doesn’t want to hear about “That douche in my math class!” So it's probably best to keep your vocabulary douche-free.

Definitions of douche

n irrigation with a jet of water or medicated solution into or around a body part (especially the vagina) to treat infections or cleanse from odorous contents

Type of:
(medicine) cleaning a wound or body organ by flushing or washing out with water or a medicated solution

n a small syringe with detachable nozzles; used for vaginal lavage and enemas

douche bag
Type of:
a medical instrument used to inject or withdraw fluids

v direct a spray of water into a bodily cavity, for cleaning

Type of:
clean, cleanse
clean one's body or parts thereof, as by washing

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