1. running game (American football) a play in which a player attempts to carry the ball through or past the opposing team
  2. dining room a room used for dining
  3. dining car a passenger car where food is served in transit
  4. dining-room a room used for dining
  5. banking game any gambling game in which bets are laid against the gambling house or the dealer
  6. running time the length of time that a movie or tv show runs
  7. chewing gum a preparation (usually made of sweetened chicle) for chewing
  8. dining area an area arranged for dining
  9. Cunningham United States dancer and choreographer (born in 1922)
  10. tinea unguium fungal infection of the nails (especially toenails)
  11. adjoining room a hotel room that shares a wall with another hotel room
  12. waiting game a strategy of delay
  13. passing game (American football) a play that involves one player throwing the ball to a teammate
  14. landing gear an undercarriage that supports the weight of the plane when it is on the ground
  15. cunning showing inventiveness and skill
  16. morning room a sitting room used during the daylight hours
  17. morning time the time period between dawn and noon
  18. unengaged not busy or occupied; free
  19. guessing game a game in which participants compete to identify some obscurely indicated thing
  20. tanning process in which skin pigmentation darkens as a result of exposure to ultraviolet light