1. diagramming providing a chart or outline of a system
  2. grooming the activity of getting dressed; putting on clothes
  3. dog breeding breeding dogs
  4. dog racing a race between dogs
  5. disarming act of reducing or depriving of weapons
  6. programming setting an order and time for planned events
  7. daydreaming absentminded dreaming while awake
  8. programing setting an order and time for planned events
  9. dreaming a series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep
  10. drumming the act of playing drums
  11. disagreement a conflict of people's opinions or actions or characters
  12. trimming a decoration or adornment on a garment
  13. dog wrench a wrench with a handle shaped like a crank
  14. dairy farming the business of a dairy
  15. tank farming a technique of growing plants (without soil) in water containing dissolved nutrients
  16. logogrammatic of or relating to logograms or logographs
  17. logic programing creating a program that enables the computer to reason logically
  18. grooving the cutting of spiral grooves on the inside of the barrel of a firearm
  19. glooming depressingly dark
  20. truck farming growing vegetables for the market