If you’re a docent, you’re a teacher at a college or university. In most countries, you’d rank right below a professor.

Docent came into English by way of German, tracing back to the Latin word docere, meaning “teach.” Docent typically refers to someone who teaches at a college or university, but the term can be used more broadly to mean "someone who promotes learning." If you take a museum tour, it might be led by a docent, a volunteer who acts as a guide to the museum’s collection. Pronounce docent with a long “o” sound and a soft “c”: “DOH-sent.”

Primary Meanings of docent

a teacher at some universities
a guide who leads others on a tour
Full Definitions of docent

n a teacher at some universities

Type of:
instructor, teacher
a person whose occupation is teaching

n a guide who leads others on a tour

tour guide
Type of:
someone who shows the way by leading or advising

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