1. detention basin a storage site that delays the flow of water downstream
  2. distinction a discrimination between things as different
  3. distribution cost any cost incurred by a producer or wholesaler or retailer or distributor (as for advertising and shipping etc)
  4. distribution list list of names to whom a communication should be sent
  5. distinctness the quality of being sharp and clear
  6. restriction site the specific sites at which a restriction enzyme will cleave DNA
  7. distinguishable capable of being perceived as different or distinct
  8. distinguished standing above others in character or attainment
  9. distortionist a painter who introduces distortions
  10. destruction fire fire delivered for the sole purpose of destroying material objects
  11. distinctiveness a distinguishing trait
  12. retention basin a storage site similar to a detention basin but the water in storage is permanently obstructed from flowing downstream
  13. dysfunctional impaired in function; especially of a bodily system or organ
  14. destination the place designated as the end, as of a race or journey
  15. disfunction (medicine) any disturbance in the functioning of an organ or body part or a disturbance in the functioning of a social group
  16. disjunction state of being disconnected
  17. distraction drawing someone's attention away from something
  18. construction paper paper suitable for drawing and making cutouts
  19. distention the state of being stretched beyond normal dimensions
  20. sanctioned established by authority

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