To dismount is to get or climb off of something. An important part of learning to ride a horse is learning how to dismount.

When you ride your bike to work, you'll have to dismount and lock it up before you go inside, and when a gymnast dismounts from the balance beam, she does it with a flourish, sometimes cartwheeling off the end — this move itself is called a dismount. Dismount combines the "opposite of" prefix dis- with the verb mount, or "get up on," from its Latin root mons, "mountain."

Definitions of dismount

v alight from (a horse)

get down, get off, light, unhorse
Type of:
come down, descend, fall, go down
move downward and lower, but not necessarily all the way

n the act of dismounting (a horse or bike etc.)

Type of:
discontinuance, discontinuation
the act of discontinuing or breaking off; an interruption (temporary or permanent)

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