When you're dissatisfied or unhappy about something, you experience discontentment. Your discontentment with your biology class might be a sign that you should switch to physics.

The discontentment of factory workers can lead to whispered complaints, a conversation with the boss, or even a widespread strike of the entire company. When you feel a sense of discontentment, you don't feel fulfilled or gratified — in other words, you're not content. Sometimes this is minor, like your discontentment with the final episode of your favorite show. When large groups of people experience discontentment, it can lead to big changes, or even revolution.

Definitions of discontentment

n a longing for something better than the present situation

discontent, discontentedness
happiness with one's situation in life
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a feeling of sulky discontent
abnormal depression and discontent
the feeling of being displeased and discontent
boredom, ennui, tedium
the feeling of being bored by something tedious
the feeling of being displeased or annoyed or dissatisfied with someone or something
disappointment, letdown
a feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your expectations are not realized
Type of:
hungriness, longing, yearning
prolonged unfulfilled desire or need

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